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Strippable Seal Peal Coating

Strippable Seal Peal Coating.

I like to provide photos, but strippable seal peal coating in its raw form is not pretty, and in its melted form strippable seal peal coating is just, well, melted liquid.

Application is easy. Just immerse the item into the molten strippable seal peal coating for a few seconds and withdraw. Solidification occurs within one minute. The strippable seal peal coating does not adhere to the item's surface, but envelopes it in a protective jacket. Aluminum foil or a small piece of tape can be used to seal any crevices or holes that the strippable seal peal coating should not fill as it covers the item. Items can be completely coated by dipping once using a non-wicking string or by double-dipping with an overlap.

The material we use at Gage Crib Worldwide Inc is: E-40 Strippable Peal Coating, Clear Tough; Type I; 350°F Operating Temp. This high quality coating is a clear light transparent golden amber strippable seal peal coating. It is easily removable, very durable, and has excellent pot life. Eight pounds of this oil impregnated plastic strippable seal peal coating will melt into one liquid gallon. With the applied thickness being around a tenth of an inch, the coverage from one pound of strippable seal peal coating is approximately 500 square inches. For your budgetary pricing the price of E-40 Strippable Peal Coating as of April, 2019 was US$10 per pound. E-40 Strippable Peal Coating is usually available from our stock with a 1 week lead-time. E-40 Strippable Peal Coating is sold by the pound but the packaging does not allow for exact pound units thus it is invoiced by the actual weight shipped. We have a US$30 minimum order for E-40 Strippable Peal Coating which can be waived if a melting tank is purchased. E-mail me to get a current price quotation.

This Type I strippable seal peal coating is based on Ethylcellulose. This protective strippable seal peal coating contains mineral oil and is designed to leave an oil film on the protected part. This strippable seal peal coating provides the most corrosion prevention for long-term storage and protection against severe forms of abrasion and rough handling.The Type I hot melt coating is the easiest coating to remove from parts. This protective tool coating can be used to protect screw thread gages, cutting tools, saw blades, end mills, gears, reamers, router bits, and various other parts. Compared to other coatings, this coating has very low fumes and very little odor.

Strippable seal peal coating is available are color choices and other chemical compositions. I have not listed them here because the options are many.The various grades of each type of strippable seal peal coating can be mixed together, but the various types of strippable seal peal coating cannot be mixed. E-mail me if you have special requirements and I will work with you to find the correct strippable seal peal coating for your needs.

Melting Tanks
Thermostatically controlled, electrically heated melting tanks are recommended for the melting process. Tanks should be matched to the size of the items to be coated, as excessively large equipment will cause degrading of the strippable seal peal coating.

Initial Posting: May 27, 2009
Last Revised: May 21, 2019
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