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Seal Peal Hot Pot

Seal Peal Hot Melting Pot.

This Peal Coat WP1A Melting Pot is a thermostatically controlled, electrically heated tank and will get the job done just fine for applying strippable seal peal coating to most screw thread gages. It is pretty much just plug-in and play. Plug the WP1A Hot Pot into a local power supply, fill the melting pot with strippable seal peal coating, set the temperature appropriate for the strippable seal peal coating selected, let the strippable seal peal coating melt, and you are ready to start protecting your screw thread gages from rust and mechanical damage.

The WP1A Hot Pot has a fluid capacity of approximately 1 pint (1 pound). The inside diameter is 3.5" with a depth of 3". The outside size is 5.5" diameter and 6.5" tall. Power can be supplied in either 115 volts or 220-1 volts. The WP1A is wired for use in the USA. Figure that the WP1A melting pot weighs about 5 pounds when packaged for shipment.

Seal Peal Coating Melting Hot Pots are available in multiple sizes so if this one is too small for your application, just ask and we can provide alternatives specific to your job.

The manufacturer suggests that melting tanks should be matched to the size of the items to be coated. The smallest capacity is selected because excessively large equipment will cause degrading of the strippable seal peal coating. Using a small tank allows the strippable seal peal coating material in the tank to be used and replaced more frequently, thus keeping it fresh.

This pricing is subject to change but is provided to give you a budgetary number. As of April 2018 the sell price of the WP1A hot pot was: US$265. The WP1A melting tank is usually in stock with a 1 week lead-time. Call or e-mail and we will provide an accurate quotation with current price and lead-time.

Initial Posting: May 27, 2009
Revised: April 24, 2018
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