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ASME B1.7-2006 Terms & Definitions

ASME B1.7-2006 Terms

Definition of Terms:
The definitions presented herein are listed alphabetically and apply generally to all forms of screw threads, thread gages, and thread measurements.  They relate to the following:
            A   types of screw threads
            B   size and fit of threaded parts in general
            C   geometric elements, attributes, and dimensions of screw threads

ISO nomenclature is used where the exact meaning is coincident with the U.S. practice.

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A - D
E - I
J - Q
R - T
U - Z

The purpose of ASME B1.7 is to establish a uniform practice for standard screw threads with regard to the following: (a) Screw thread nomenclature; (b) Letter symbols for the designating features of a screw thread for use on drawings, in tables that set forth dimensional standards, in other records, and for expressing mathematical relationships. ASME B1.7 is a glossary of terms, illustrations, and illustrated table showing the application of symbols, and a table of screw thread series designation. Many of the terms and symbols specified in ASME B1.7:2006 vary considerably from those previously specified in ASME B1.7:1984 because ISO terms and symbols have been adopted where the intended definition is the same.

Use this information at your own risk. We made extensive effort to be accurate, but errors may exist in this text. This information is excerpted from the mentioned standards, but remember the only official source of this information is the original document. Discussions related to official information, debating the information as received from various sources, end with the official standard which trumps all other sources. If you own the original document, and your position is based on the official text, there is no higher source. The original documents are copyright protected. Publishing the documents, copying the documents, posting the documents on-line, and sharing is prohibited by national and international laws. If you use this data extensively, you should own a copy of the original document. The fees charged by the issuing agencies cover the cost of maintaining the document library, which is a service to us all, and if you use the information then it benefits you and you help support the effort financially. Your licensed copy of the standards can be purchased from the issuing body, or from an authorized reseller.

Original Posting: 3/2/2012
Last Revision: 8/13/2012
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