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Enersol ISO 594 Medical Small Bore Connector Test Machines


ISO 594 Medical Small Bore Connector Test
Equipment by Enersol

per ISO 80369-7:2016 Foreword: ISO 80369-7 cancels and replaces the first edition ISO 594-1:1986 and the second edition of ISO 594-2:1998, clauses, subclauses, tables, figures, and annexes of which have been consolidated and technically revised.
The devices listed below have all been discontinued and replaced with devices suitable to testing per ISO 80369-20 requirements. Link to: ISO 80369-20 Medical Small Bore Connector Test Equipment



ISO 594/1 Fig 3A
Video & Pics

ISO 594 Connector/Fitting Assembly Device
Enersol P/N S15
Replaced by Enersol S15A in 2016
Replaced by Enersol S15B in 2020
Used for:
Quantified Assembly of Test Fittings to Reference Fittings according to ISO 594;
Testing Ease of Assembly;
Testing Resistance to Overriding;
Stress Cracking.





Enersol S16A Falling Drop Positive Pressure Liquid Leak Tester
Video & Pics


ISO 594 Falling Drop Positive Pressure Liquid Leak Tester
Enersol P/N S16
Replaced by Enersol S16A in 2016
Replaced by Enersol S16B in 2020
Used for Liquid Leakage Test.




Video & Pics

ISO 594 Subatmospheric Pressure Air Leakage Tester
Enersol P/N S17
Replaced by Enersol S17A in 2016
Replaced by Enersol S78 and S78H in 2018
Used for Air Leakage Test






Photo of ISO594 Luer Seperation Force Test Machine
Video & Pics

ISO 594 Luer Separation Force Test Machine
Enersol P/N S18
Replaced by Enersol S18A in 2016
Replaced by Enersol S18B in 2020
Used for Separation Force Test.




Video & Pics

ISO 594 Unscrewing Torque Machine
Enersol P/N S19
Replaced by Enersol P/N S19A in 2016
Used for Unscrewing Torque Test


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Last Revision: 2/15/2020
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