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Tri-Star Gage Inc

Tri-Star Gage Inc and Variable Screw Thread Gages

Bob Drude founded Tri-Star Gage Inc in 1968. Bob had worked at Pratt & Whitney when Pratt & Whitney made tri-roll thread gages. When he left the Pratt & Whitney, Bob went into competition with Pratt & Whitney selling a fully interchangeable Variable Screw Thread Measurement Systems. The competition appeared to be friendly. On the occasion when Pratt & Whitney had a strike they purchased gages from Tri-Star Gage Inc to supply their customers. When Pratt & Whitney determined that they would no longer sell the product line they offered the rights to Tri-Star Gage Inc. Tri-Star Gage Inc refused the offer. After Bob Drude passed away, his sons Peter Drude and Jim Drude ran the company until 2006 when the company was liquidated. The Tri-Star Gage Inc product line is 100% compatible with Southern Gage Tri-Rolls. In the latter years of operation it is believed that much of what they sold was re-branded Southern Gage products.

If you are looking for parts and pieces for your existing Variable Screw Thread Measurement Systems we have two opportunities for you.
1) Check out our list of surplus components.
2) Contact us with your needs and we will quote new replacement parts for your systems.

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Index of Variable Screw Thread Gage User Manuals

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Last Revision: 8/9/2011
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